On the day the zombie virus ravaged the world, soldier Kira Spence was involved in a car crash - an accident she doesn't even remember. Now locked with a group of survivors behind the walls of a military compound, a handsome soldier named Sam steals her heart. But what is the connection between Sam, Kira's accident and rumors of super-soldiers with powers that can overcome the zombies? When Sam flies Kira from the compound into the center of his secret, Kira finally has the chance to find answers ... along with the love of a lifetime.

"It is very refreshing to read a romance novel with such an unusual and unique premise. Ms. Steed has an amazing gift for writing subtle details into the weave of her novels, and I always find myself drawn deeply into them. It's rare to discover a storyteller who can turn such a fantastical world into believable reality for the reader."
Kimberly Adkins

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The first thing Kira saw when she walked through the front doors of The Den was commander Claven. He stood at the end of the bar with a shot of vodka in hand drowning out the day’s events.
Kira gave a sly grin as she went straight to him and saluted. “Commander.” “You’ve lost your mind, Spence,” Claven muttered under his breath. She could see the playful smirk on the corner of his wrinkled mouth showing he’d been here for a while. “We’re off duty and you’re at the wrong table.”
“Sorry, sir,” she replied as she scoured the room with her eyes. “Force of habit to address my superior.”
“You need to get out of your room more, young lady. Toss a few drinks back and relax for awhile. You’re dismissed.”
Kira bumped his arm playfully then wandered toward the large group in the back of the room. They were quiet, entranced, focusing their attention on the center of their circle. Though she couldn’t see Sam at all, she heard the familiar soothing tenor of his that sent her skin tingling.
She squeezed in between two rather large men, both officers who were stationed near the back tower of the base. They glanced down at her briefly then smiled in greeting as she stepped a little farther toward the heart of the group.
“We’d found an entire colony of survivors - one hundred people,” she heard Sam say. She still couldn’t see him, but could tell she was getting closer by the volume of his voice. “We quarantined them at first then sent in CDC to make sure they weren’t infected.”
“Were they?” a soft female voice asked from the group somewhere behind him.
“Not one,” he replied. “They’d been living in the cave of the mountain, sending out scouts every day to find supplies and possibly more survivors. The nearby field was a prospering garden.”
“They were outside … gardening?” the soft voice interrupted, a little louder than before.
The entire group seemed to lean to Sam in unison. Kira waited to hear his answer as she pushed through the small crowd.
“Yeah,” he said. “They were outside seemingly unafraid.” He gave a short laugh through his nose. “There were also …
children, about twenty of them playing with each other as their parents worked in the field.”
“Children?” another young woman said amongst whispers and gasps from the others around her.
As Kira moved in beside her, she saw tears in the woman’s eyes, a clear sign of hope, of what could be. Sam’s stories were usually frightening, but obviously weren’t always about the monsters roaming the earth.
When Sam finally came into sight, Kira’s heart sank. He sat in the booth on the other side of his brother Pete, small glass of vodka in hand and elbows pointed outward on the wooden table in front of him. His short sandy blond hair looked like silk beneath the low light of the white hanging lamp. Those perfectly sculpted muscles flexed under his tight navy blue shirt as he stood up from the table to greet her.
He flashed that perfect smile when he scooped her up in his strong arms. “Kira!” he said as he whirled her around once then set her back down on her feet. “Wow,” he continued, not letting her get a word in, “look at the rose in your cheeks. You’ve been eating better.”

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It seemed too good to be true that she’d met someone like him at a dating service. He didn’t belong here like the others.

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Would’ve been a perfect night to ask her if she wanted to meet and pursue some sort of…relationship-type thing if their meeting worked out. Not sure how it’d work since she lived five hundred miles away, but he was ambitious.

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