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Saturday Night Outcasts

Interior decorator Riley Daniels is ecstatic to take a job with artist Dean Bastion. With her help, his run down café will become a state of the art gallery that’ll show off his work and his love for the stars. Business trips turn into romantic getaways. Life couldn’t get much better for Riley, until Dean meets with his ex-girlfriend. Now he’s reluctant to put his ex behind him. By the way he’s acting maybe he doesn’t have much of a choice. Something’s wrong. And Riley aims to find out what that is.

All Dean Bastion wants is to be with Riley without anything holding him back, but he can’t. He’s accepted a bribe to play a part in his ex’s plan to win the heart of another guy who happens to be Riley’s ex-boyfriend. It was a stupid thing to do. But how could he pass up twenty grand that’ll close the deal on opening the art gallery he’s dreamed about since he was a boy? He knew it was wrong. But maybe Riley will forgive him when the truth comes out.