Her heart would guide him home.
Architectural mastermind Katherine Shaw has left her career in the States behind to follow a passion for antiquity to The London Museum for Art and Archeology. During a museum excursion, a controversial relic is pulled from the ocean depths—a relic containing a mystery to which she is inexplicably joined.

His home might claim her life.
Born of the old gods, punished and locked away from love, Derrick has crossed seas of time to find Katherine. Chosen as the guardian of his land’s magic, he knows what Katherine doesn’t: her own mysterious origin and the danger she faces because of it. As they travel together in a place only heard of in legends, enemies and darkness surround them—until an unthinkable decision threatens the very magic that has brought them love.

"A terrific vicarious experience in the world of the paranormal."
If you are looking to read a romance novel with action packed adventure, romance and fun this book is for you.
Daisy Duke
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Paradise—a meeting of a clear blue sea and soft white sand underneath a cloudless sky was just how it was supposed to be in Bimini.
According to the photos Katherine found on the internet, she should be lying in a hammock between two palm trees, soaking comfortably in the heat of the sun.  She should be sipping on a tropical drink from a coconut cup decorated with vibrant colored umbrellas while a warm breeze played in her hair.  She should be relaxing.
But paradise wasn’t what this trip was supposed to be about.  If only it had held up its bargain of being perfectly serene, a retreat worthy of taking, this unworldly task would be a little easier to understand.  Dark clouds refused her the glorious rays from the heavens and only offered dreariness worthy of the misery she was now in.
As she stood in the pouring rain listening as Derrick went on about controlling the flame she’d somehow conjured in her hand, tears formed in her eyes.  Tiredness had set in a long while ago, but he’d only pushed her harder.  They’d been at this for more than ten hours without a break, and she was only now beginning to realize a fragment of this extraordinary magic she supposedly carried.
She wished he’d go back to how he presented his first words.  They’d been calm and encouraging. Like a professor at a university he’d lectured, brows stern, eyes only on the matter at hand.  But now his impatience was evident, as if this torrential rain had dampened his mood, which was exceedingly possible, for it had definitely turned hers for the worse.
Through soaked strands of hair, she watched this strange fire oddly staying lit in the downpour.  It had begun with a flicker, igniting from the depths of her soul.  And with an emotional conjugation of sorrow, anger, and love beyond anything she’d ever experienced before, it grew into a roaring flame.
Now swirling around in her palm like a slow moving twister, it patiently waited for her to set it loose across the water, just what the first one she’d conjured was supposed to do before it sunk like a rock.  She only hoped Derrick wouldn’t lose his remaining patience and scold her again for not listening to his direction.  One more harsh word and she knew she’d break down into an exhausted sob.
“Feel your emotions,” Derrick yelled, his serious tone stabbing the angry air.  “Let them boil inside you as you concentrate on where you want them to go.”  He pointed out over the raging sea.  “There.”
Katherine stretched her arm out in front of her, holding her blazing palm upright.  She held her breath in hopes this time she’d succeed.  And as if she were letting go of all the tension inside her, she exhaled and released the flame.
With her eyes open wide, she watched as it quickly flew out over the restless waves, bringing her a smile she hadn’t found since they began training.  And when it flew up into the air and disappeared into the clouds, Derrick finally cracked a grin.
“Very good,” he said with a nod.  “Now see if you can do it again.”
As tired as she was, her success brought her an instant second wind.  Confidence brought forth an immediate flame, one much brighter than the other.  And as she held it up before her, she could feel a little more control.
Concentrating on the flame, she breathed in deep through her nose.  “I can sense it now,” she said as she exhaled and let it go.  It skimmed the waves, creating a parting of water with its speed.  It lifted up into the sky, but this time created a gaping hole in the clouds.
Sunlight beamed magnificently on the water, casting a blue reflection.  A rainbow appeared in the rays, but only for a short moment as the clouds began to gather again.
“Beautiful,” Derrick whispered, smiling abundantly.  But he wasn’t looking out over the ocean.
Katherine turned to find him staring at her, eyes lit up magnificently.  It took her a moment, but she finally realized it wasn’t his eyes glowing, but a reflection of her own aura.
“It’s beautiful,” he said, palming her wet cheek.  “If only you could see it.  You bear the color of diamonds in phenomenal sunlight, for you have finally found the magic within you.  Katherine,” he continued as he pulled her into his arms.  “You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.  You are light.  You are magic.”

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