This is the second installment in the Betrayal trilogy. The Unforgiven has a darker tone than the first book. It also takes care of a lot of questions that didn’t get answered in The Awakening. I think this one is my favorite so far. Mainly, because Anna is a vampire. She’s considered ‘newly found’ and struggles with her existence. All she wants to do is be a vampire, but for some reason she doesn’t have the same traits as the others. This leads her to believe there was a truth to Madeline’s tales about there being a cure. And so this story is about Anna’s search for the truth. Anna also has big news that works well with the storyline and sets up for the third and final book.

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“There is never night and day in my world. Only Darkness.” –Tristan Williamson

Grand Prize-Kira Hillins


It seemed too good to be true that she’d met someone like him at a dating service. He didn’t belong here like the others.

Take You Away-Kira Hillins


Would’ve been a perfect night to ask her if she wanted to meet and pursue some sort of…relationship-type thing if their meeting worked out. Not sure how it’d work since she lived five hundred miles away, but he was ambitious.



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The Pleasure Principle-Kimberly Adkins

The Pleasure Principle

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