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Some Fun Facts

Kira grew up on the west coast.
Loves fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, ATV riding.
Starset is her favorite band.
Superman is her favorite superhero.
Daredevil is a close second.
Loves playing Mass Effect (video game).
Loves Cap’n Morgan with caffeine free diet coke.
Loves to cook.
Is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.
Went to college for music theory.
Believes writing and drawing is therapy.
Loves Miss Momo (Rhodesian Ridgeback).
Wants super powers so she can make the world a better place.
Is a total nerd. (If you hadn’t already guessed that)

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There’s no better feeling than to finish a story and share it with the rest of the world. Writing is therapeutic and gives a sense of accomplishment which is something to be proud of. The wee hours of morning is the best time to work – as long as there’s coffee.


ATV Riding Hiking Camping Kayaking Fishing Hunting


Oregon has so many things to offer in the form of adventure. From scenic rides through the mountains to off-roading in the mud and snow, this is what life is all about. Kira grew up in Oregon. So camping and swimming all summer long, as well as beach-combing on the coast, was a must. Check out the gallery.


Kira has loved music since she was born. She grew up listening to a variety of artists and genres. A few of her favorite artists are John Denver, Enrique Iglesias, Dwight Yoakam, Ratt, Megadeth, Metallica, Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin, Stick Figure, Disturbed, Alice in Chains, Seether, Soundgarden, and of course STARSET, in which is her favorite band. Her YouTube Party Night Playlist is definitely an eclectic mix. 

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Kira’s loves putting together wine charms and shooting fire arms. Again with the eclectic mix of interests. She also loves rock-hounding and spotting wild horses. She plans on getting a horse someday to curb the life-long dream of riding through the mountains while camping along the way to no certain destination. 


I Told You So

Kira doesn’t believe “the world is flat” but this painting is her favorite painting. 

Romance with a little mischief

From paranormal to lighthearted and suspenseful, Kira’s writing has it all. Experience an excerpt from all of her stories, including some works in progress.

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