There's no better feeling than to finish a story and share it with the rest of the world. Writing is therapeutic and gives a sense of accomplishment which is something to be proud of. The wee hours of morning is the best time to work - as long as there's coffee.
Kira's Favorite Painting "I TOLD YOU SO"


Grew up on the west coast.
Loves fishing and hiking and ATV riding.
Starset is her favorite band.
Superman is her favorite superhero.
Daredevil is a close second.
Loves Cap’n Morgan.
Loves to cook.
Is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.
Went to college for music theory.
Believes writing and drawing is therapy.
Loves Siberian Huskies (and a Texas hound).
Wants super powers so she can make the world a better place.
Is a total nerd. (If you hadn’t already guessed that)