The Betrayal Series

The Betrayal Series

Book One
"Love the one who will save him? Or kill her to save his mortal soul?"

Betrayal: The Awakening

  • Paranormal Love Story
  • violence, language, sex
  • .99 ebook
  • $8.99 paperback


Vampires aren’t real. Tristan is just a man with an eternal disease—a man who’s searched centuries for the cure. All he has to do to win back his humanity is find the woman from a rare bloodline and drain her essence. Morals set aside. Love be damned. Life shouldn’t be this difficult.

He had all the traits. Dark-haired, pale-skinned Tristan was a vampire. At least that’s what Anna believed as a child. She’d loved him. He’d craved her blood so desperately that he’d left her to keep her safe. Now an adult, Anna’s ready to find Tristan and prove once and for all that vampires aren’t real…and neither is the love she still carries in her heart.

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Romance with a little mischief

From paranormal to lighthearted and suspenseful, Kira’s writing has it all. Experience an excerpt from all of her stories, including some works in progress.

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