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Eccentric Blue

Blurb WIP:

Kate’s plans were simple—sell her house in Montana to move to San Jose, put her genius daughter in a school for gifted children, and then get a job taking care of the man in the mansion down the road. Can’t beat free room and board and exceptional pay. Falling for the unusual down on his luck musician with a highly dangerous past might be more than what she’d signed on for.

Eccentric musician Ethan lives alone in his over-sized mansion. After losing his voice during his last concert tour, he fell into a deep depression.  Long hair, unruly beard, and a grumpy attitude has earned him the name Bigfoot from his new caretaker who can roll with his verbal punches and unusual behavior. The emotional red-headed mom ignites a fire he hasn’t felt in years. But little does she know she has something he wants, something that will link them together in danger and find a passion neither of them searched for.


Seemed too good to be true to meet someone like him through a dating service. He didn’t belong here like the others.


Click here for a snippet of the first installment in the Betrayal trilogy.


Night time can be frightening, especially when you're all alone.


Paranormal, suspenseful romance! Also on audio.