The holidays just got HOTTER.

Meet Leah

When Leah loses her job at the hospital, she decides to move in with her mom who lives on the other side of the U.S. Then Ryan, the owner of the cafe down the street, offers her a job as midnight barista. Will making espressos and kissing her new boss under the mistletoe be enough to change her mind?

The Cafe'

The orange chair in the back corner of the café is a perfect place to sip coffee. There are also new drink options to get you in the holiday spirit. Green Spice Pumpkin Latte. Dark Chocolate Mocha. And if you order at the counter, make sure you give your honey a smooch, because there's a bundle of Mistletoe above you.

Meet Ryan

Ryan vowed never to find love again, not since his fiancé took off with his best friend and bank account over a year ago. Then he meets Leah, his sister's best friend who lives in the apartment across the hall. He can't stop thinking about her. Could she be the real deal? Or is she just another woman who’s not worth his time?

Romance with a little mischief

From paranormal to lighthearted and suspenseful, Kira’s writing has it all. Experience an excerpt from all of her stories, including some works in progress.

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