Don’t mix business with pleasure. Bailey developed the motto after a bad relationship with a former client. Hired to transform Trevor’s run down restaurant into a state of the art gallery that’ll show off his work and his love for the stars, her adage will again be foiled. Business trips turn into romantic getaways—minus Saturday nights when Trevor meets with an art dealer he won’t talk about. Falling for him was easy. Choosing to trust him might be a bad idea.

All Trevor wants is to be with Bailey without anything holding him back, but he can’t. He’s accepted a bribe to play a part in his ex’s plan to win the heart of another guy, who happens to be Bailey’s ex-boyfriend. It was a stupid thing to do. But how could he pass up twenty grand that’ll close the deal on opening the art gallery he’s dreamed about since he was a boy? He knew it was wrong. But maybe Bailey will forgive him when the truth comes out.




Romance with a little mischief

From paranormal to lighthearted and suspenseful, Kira’s writing has it all. Experience an excerpt from all of her stories, including some works in progress.

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