The Betrayal Series

The Betrayal Series

Book Two
"Do not ignore the demon's thirst, or it will consume you."


  • Paranormal Love Story
  • violence, language, sex
  • .99 ebook
  • $7.99 paperback

The price for her sins may be too high. On the one year anniversary of her turning, Anna awoke to find humanity blending through her. Blue eyes, blonde hair, and warm skin are just the beginning. When Anna realizes there’s more at stake than ridding her body of an uncooperative demon, she leaves in search for the answers. With the entire vampire collective on her trail, and in the company of a mysterious man who’s stolen her memories, she’s lost her way. Will she be able to find her way back home? Or maybe it’s best to stay in the shadows where she belongs.

All Tristan wants is to be with Anna, but there’s never enough time. Testing for a cure during the day and playing the part as an Elder at night has kept him busy. Not to mention Anna’s unusual gift to heal him has taken its toll on his emotions. The effect is temporary. As much as he loves feeling human, he abhors the descent back into darkness. Distancing himself from the woman he loves wasn’t the answer, and now she’s gone missing. Will he be able to find her before the collective does? And if so, will she even remember who he is?

Anna is stuck between humanity and vampire. As she runs away in search for answers, Tristan deals with struggles to fit in with the collective. Nobody said being a vampire was easy, especially when hiding things that could turn the dark world upside down. And though sins can be washed away, truths revealed just can’t be forgiven.

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